Download game installer from CnC-Comm (145 MB)

Download videos installer from CnC-Comm (580 MB, includes The Lost Files videos)

IMPORTANT: The optional launcher and configuration tool require the .Net 2.0 framework. Try running these programs, if running them fails at startup try installing the framework. You will most likely already have this framework installed as it's used by a lot of software.


ZIP files:

Main addons:

Video Files split into four parts:

Extra addons:

Misc. files:

Theme packs for older Windows:

Theme Pack for Windows 7 (coming soon!)

Map packs (coming later)

Mission packs (coming later)

Language packs:


PortableRA is a Command and Conquer: Red Alert FULL game package download, that is:

  • - 100% free to play
  • - Comes with an easy to use installer
  • - Runs great on Windows 95 and later, Mac and Linux
  • - Completely no-CD, no need to have a random CD inserted
  • - Includes expansions and they can be enabled/disabled on the fly
  • - Comes with CnCNet for online play, lots of players on
  • - Uses CnC-DDraw to modernize the game's rendering system
  • - Is really easy to use, comes with a configuration tool and launcher
  • - Supports high game resolutions (even 3200x3200 works!)
  • - Has a fix for the 'out of sync' issue online after playing modded maps
  • - Allows you to play the Aftermath games with the build speed multiplier cap disabled
  • - Includes and supports all community non-code fixes and additions, such as small infantry
  • - Patched to integrate support for The Lost Files videos and extra, unreleased music tracks
  • - Comes with the latest unofficial patch to the game, ra303p
  • - Completely online compatible with the version of the game used by online players (3.03)
  • - And MUCH more
  • Download now!

    Support can be found in the chat or on the forums. If you join the chat please wait 30 minutes or so before leaving, it might take a bit of time before there's anyone active who can help you.

    Some terrible antivirus software such as Kaspersky think the ra95.exe file included in the package is a virus. It's not. I advise you to update to better antivirus software.